35. faith, love, trust and honesty by the artist know as pup 2017

Starting again, I been talking to my Owner for awhile we met at ‘The Day of O’ sims. I had to smile while I think of it. To be honest I wasn’t looking for an Owner but he came to where I was having a shower.

I knew of his name from another sim a long time ago, Our paths may have crossed but this week he said ‘He remembered talking to me at the other sim about me and my dyslexia’.  No matter how deep I try and remember I couldn’t remember that conversation, but I do remember the one under the shower. Over a few months talking and laughing, he spoke to the Viscount and asked if he could take me into his collar.

For me, that was a big thing he respected what I had in my profile at the time.

We are still learning about each other, even though I am in his collar now.

Sometimes we have miss understanding but we are adult enough to talk and share.

It is the first time I have had a Dominant that’s been older than me, I have had similar ages in real life and sometimes online younger than me. His approach with me is wonderful, even when misunderstandings occur which happens at times as no one is perfect and sometimes there is miss communication due to what he calls ‘pupsy typos or I use typical English expressions’ which the translator doesn’t always understand.

We are learning together but first and foremost we are building a good foundation which is very important for both of us.


10 principles for healthy 24/7 D/s and M/s – Sex Geek

B.E.S.T trust









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